Saturday at MidPoint Music Festival: Our hour by mid-hour picks

CINCINNATI - Here are four WCPO music connoisseurs—myself (MP), multimedia producer Brian Niesz (BN), digital content manager P. J. O'Keefe (PJO) and digital photographer Emily Maxwell (EM) —mapping out our respective treasure hunts from Saturday's lineup at the 12th annual MidPoint Music Festival .

Just print it, pocket it and partake.

3 — Twin Peaks : Laid back lo-fi psych pop, should be another good warm up for the evening.—BN. Also chosen by EM (Washington Park)

3:30 — Boy Meets World —EM (MidPoint Midway)

4:15 — Tweens: Head-boppin’, bratty pop-punk from Cincy.—MP. One of Cincinnati’s most promising young bands. It’s always to watch their set of grungy, poppy, punk songs.—BN. Also chosen by EM and PJO (Washington Park)

5:30 — Wussy : Folky pop songs drowning in noise from Cincinnati music experts.—BN (Washington Park). Public —chosen by EM and PJO (MidPoint Midway)

7 — Deap Vally : Two women from LA make this hammerhead rock with fuzzy guitar, stomping drums and wailed vocals. The lazy comparison is the White Stripes, and with the Breeders playing at the same time, you might have easy access to the front row.—MP (Grammer's). The Breeders : They’re playing “Last Splash.”—BN. Also chosen by PJO (Washington Park). ShadowraptrChosen by EM (MidPoint Midway)

7:30 — Gideon's Rifle Chosen by EM (Arnold's) 

8 — The Locals : Founder Yvonne Doll grew up in Cincy but moved to Chicago for art school and formed her band there. Think edgy pop ala Juliana Hatfield.—MP. Also chosen by PJO. (Main Event). METZ : They popped up on my recommended list in Spotify, which was unusually accurate in this case.—BN (Grammer’s). The Kickback —Chosen by EM (Mainstay)

8:30 — Mutts : I’m sure his dusky gravel earns comparisons to Tom Waits and Mark Lanegan, but Mike Maimone’s music has more edge, range and rocket sauce.—MP (The Drinkery)

8:45 — The Defibulators Chosen by EM (Japp's Annex)

9 — Strange Vine : Haunting, soulful, slide guitar-infused honky-tonk rock from my college town, Fresno, Calif.—MP (Mainstay)

9:30 — Black Rebel Motorcycle Club : Should be armpit-to-nose crowded to hear these atmospheric rockers. Don’t be a mouth-breather. Just go.—MP. Not to be missed. “Howl” is still on high on my list of all-time greatest records.—BN. Also chosen by EM and PJO (Grammer’s)

10 — Kansas Bible Company : Horns, funk, watertight rhythm section and epic, dance-ready compositions. What’s not to like on a deep Saturday night?—MP (MidPoint Midway). Low Cut Connie : High energy, lo-fi blues rock from a band that love to have fun at shows.—BN (Japp’s Annex). DarleneChosen by PJO (Below Zero)

10:30 — Bad Veins : Easy to see why this Cincy two-piece popular with teen girls—they’re cute pop-conscious songwriters with uplifting melodies and long-held lyrics perfect the summer singalong.—MP (Taft Theatre). The RidgesChosen by EM (Mr. Pitiful's)

11 — Sol CatChosen by EM (The Drinkery)

11:15 — The Black Cadillacs : Knoxville band reminds me of the Black Crowes. Get-down classic rock ‘n’ roll with Southern-tinged lead guitar work.—MP (Mainstay)

11:30 — You, You’re Awesome : A fun goofy electro band that have the one things most electro bands desperately lack: live drums.—BN. Also chosen by EM (CAC)

11:45 — Birds of ChicagoChosen by PJO (Mr. Pitiful's)

12 — DaughterChosen by EM (Taft Theatre)

12:15 — Young Heirlooms : This pair of folksy singer/songerwriters have some of the best voices in Cincinnati.—BN (Arnold’s). Helado NegroChosen by PJO (MOTR)

12:30 — Bare Mutants : I don’t know much about this band, but their “You’ll Dig It If You Dig” names The Jesus and Mary Chain, Darker My Love, and Velvet Underground. I’m in.—BN (Below Zero). The Ghost WolvesChosen by EM (Mainstay)

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