Review: Dr. Seuss tales come to life on Cooper stage

The Jungle of Nool and Whoville were great hosts to the audience of Cooper High School’s, “Seussical.” The drama club solidly played this mix of well-known Dr. Seuss stories. The bright colors and familiar characters invited one in with their cheerful songs that carried one through the story of young Jojo, Horton the Elephant and many more all emceed by the one and only, the Cat in the Hat.

Delaney Holt beautifully portrayed the plain and simple Gertrude Cruz. Holt carried the show with her bright stage presence and strong singing voice. Her song “All for You” was the starring moment of show as she took the stage and showed the audience her talent. Delaney’s ability to transfer from the quiet, meek Gertrude McFuzz into the strong independent in her duet “Notice Me Horton” with Matthew Bross was incredibly moving and did make the audience notice her. She definitely held the chorus together and brought the vocals to their highest point with the help of her cast.

Another standout actor in this show was Shane Beers as Jogo. The young boy from Whoville with his powerful vocals and acting conquered his song “Alone in the Universe.” His relationship with Austin Moore, as the Cat in the Hat, was superb and you could feel how strong these two actors worked together. Moore also showed through the show with his comedic timing and stage pretense. Although at times the vocals seemed to quiver from his abilities, he made up for it through acting and brought the audience into the story.

The stage crew in this show did a wonderful job of working with the stage room they had. Led by Mitchyl Van Hoose and Hunter Bruening, the crew smoothly moved the stage pieces and extra props on and off. There was never a bump or problem with them. The sound and lighting also did a standout job. Never was there a problem seeing what was happening on stage or hearing the music. All together the backstage crew really worked well to put this show together with what they had.

All around, this cast of Cooper High School’s “Seussical” was very enjoyable and really brought the Dr. Seuss tales that we all grew up with to life. And just remember “How Lucky You Are!”

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