West Price Hill mother of 3 may be homeless for the holidays

CINCINNATI -- A mother of three in West Price Hill may be without a home when the holidays arrive.

She lost her home to a fire just two weeks after moving in.

WCPO reporter AJ Walker spoke with Melissa Bellomo and learned the flames began Friday afternoon when she went out to pick her kids up from school. The blaze destroyed nearly everything she owned, leaving her family with nowhere to go.

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Bellomo was faced with no longer planning Thanksgiving dinner and her Christmas shopping list, but rather, where she and her kids would sleep.

"If I get a place, the kids won't have a Christmas," Bellomo said. "But like I said, I'd rather have a place."

Bellomo said the fire turned her life upside down. While running to her kids' school and intending to return home, she got a phone call from a family member.

"She called my phone and told me my house was on fire," Bellamo said.

Bellamo had been staying with a friend before getting her new home in West Price Hill and said she was just starting to get back on her feet.

Since the fire, Bellamo and her children have been temporarily living in a hotel with help from the Red Cross. She said she has to leave the room Tuesday and may be out on the street. Although people have given her some clothes and furniture, she still needs to put her family under a roof.

"A place to stay, and I can work on things, I mean, you have to have a place to put the stuff in," Bellomo said.

As a means for help, she hopes her landlord will refund a portion of her rent because she was there for such a short time. The money could help her find her new place, but on Monday, she had not yet received any funds.

"I haven't heard from him yet," she said, "and I don't know what's going to happen."

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