Local teen wants nothing for Christmas but toys, presents for others

GRANT COUNTY, Ohio -- Down the halls of Grant County Middle School, you'll find a festive box off to the side, because of a 7th-grader who wants to help others. 

"I already have everything I need so I asked my parents, instead of me getting me Christmas presents this year if they would help me with a toy drive," Jacob Vickers said. 

Jacob has worked with Cincinnati Children's Hospital to get the drive organized. It's held in front of schools and stores. 

"I hope I get enough toys together to give a present to all the kids in Children's Hospital," Jacob said. 

Jacob went through a tough time of his own, and is now paying it forward with motivation from his experience. 

"A kid did that for all the kids at Children's Hospital a long time ago," he said. 

Jacob knows about the toy drive for hospitalized children because that same kid gave him a toy when he was there.  

Jacob was battling bladder cancer and is now in remission. Like any good battle, his body took on a friendly fire. He expects to have surgery in December to repair his kidneys, and may be there through Christmas. 

When the holiday comes, he wants nothing but to help provide toys for smiles on Christmas morning.

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