Art: MOTR Muerte: An Art Exhibit of Dia de los Muertos Masks and Paintings

By Maria Seda-Reeder

With all the hubbub of MPMF, why not add a little rock and roll to your art-going experience? MOTR Pub on Main Street (a MPMF venue, actually co-owned by festival producer Dan McCabe) will feature paintings and Dia de los Muertos masks by Robyn Nomadical Roth, opening this Final Friday.

The artist began painting calaveras (the sugar skulls associated with the Mexican Day of the Dead holiday) in 2008, and has since painted more than 80 masks.

Although mask painting was a divergence from her usual practice, Roth says the themes are one in the same: life's inescapable relationship with death. Also a tattoo artist at Mothers' Tattoo and Piercing in Kentucky, Roth's aesthetic fits right in with the rest of the framed rock and roll poster prints that adorn the walls of MOTR pub.

Opening 5 p.m. Friday, Sept. 28. Through Oct. 29. MOTR Pub, 1345 Main St., Over-the-Rhine. .

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