Is Northern Kentucky artist Joey Versoza making a statement or posing a question at the CAC?

Installation draws on pop culture objects and film

CINCINNATI - It's up to you to decide whether Northern Kentucky artist Joey Versoza  is posing a statement or question with "Is This It," a new installation on view through Feb. 2, 2014, at the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati.

In Versoza's world, nothing is clear. He draws on pop culture imagery, appropriated films and his own autobiography to create environments of abstract, fragmented memory. Versoza grew up in Dayton, Ky., and cut his artistic teeth at the Art Academy of Cincinnati. Versoza has exhibited extensively in Cincinnati and Chicago, among other cities, but this is his first solo show at the Contemporary Arts Center.

WCPO's Matt Peiken went to the opening reception of "Is This It" and talked with Versoza and the exhibition's curator about the challenge of turning Versoza's ideas into tangible artwork.

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