Cappies critics review 'Godspell' at Purcell Marian High School

Allison Camm, Highlands High School

Many actors in the cohesive ensemble shone when brought into the spotlight. Jacob Lucas displayed perfect comedic timing, providing the production with refreshing vivacity. Lucas’ performance of “We Beseech Thee” had a refreshing bounce to it, inciting a cast-wide energy surge. Also notable was actress Meg Tobin, whose soothing vocals and endearing acting created a believable relationship with Jesus, leading to a touching moment in their goodbye.

Abi Moore, Highlands High School

Stepping up for the disciples was Cassidy Steele, to support such a wonderful lead. She had animated faces that consistently were full of energy and joy. Her natural stage presence shined every song and scene. Her beautiful belting capabilities were showcased in “Bless the Lord,” and every note filled the auditorium with a resonant strength. Matching this beautiful voice was Meg Tobin as another disciple. Her adorable character danced her way through each number with energy and focus, and her unique voice stole the show in “Day By Day.”

Ellie Conniff, Highlands High School

“Godspell” is an ensemble show where the majority of the cast is onstage for the entirety of the show. In order for this to work successfully, a cast must have a strong ensemble to keep the pace of the show from dragging. The ensemble in Purcell Marian's production made this look as if it were an easy task. Meg Tobin and Jacob Lucas were both standouts among members of the ensemble. Tobin's vocals during "Day By Day" were absolutely stunning, and her presence onstage was genuine and sweet. Lucas was able to turn his small role into a very memorable one with his many comedic moments and his charming performance in "We Beseech Thee." Another standout was Dezi Lowry who kept a poised presence and a constant energy about herself throughout the show. Her singing voice was also very pleasant, very sweet and quirky, allowing her solos to be some of the most memorable.

Maria Hils, Highlands High School

What made "Godspell" splendid was the high energy of the cast.  Throughout the performance, they giggled and joked while maintaining stage presence.  Jesus and the disciples uniquely interacted with the audience by dancing in the aisles, while including audience participation to convey some of the parables.  This ensemble brought a marvelous dynamic to a fun-filled stage.

Cian Steele (Jesus) was without a doubt the “light” of the show.  His angelic voice in “Beautiful City” melted hearts. Notably, “The Finale” visibly impacted the audience, with Steele portraying the death of Jesus in a touching manner. 

Kay Vermeil, Highlands High School

One of the most impressive aspects of this wonderful piece was the unity and energy of the ensemble of the disciples. The passion was intense and the enthusiasm was high throughout the entire production, a remarkable feat as every actor was onstage for the entirety of the show. This was exemplified in the high-spirited ensemble number “We Beseech Thee,” which had an electric force of rejoicing that echoed throughout every corner of the theater. In particular, Jacob Lucas was a standout disciple with his brimming energy and his never-failing humor.

Jake Kolesar, Walnut Hills High School

While all students involved in the show contributed great energy and effort, several students consistently stood out. Memorable performances included Meg Tobin as a disciple, who gave a beautiful performance of "Day By Day," one of the show’s most well-known songs. Cassidy Steele impressed with her strong belting in "Bless the Lord My Soul," and her sexy charm in "Turn Back, O Man." Cian Steele, gave a convincing and effective performance as Jesus. He sung difficult songs like "Save the People" and "Alas for You" with finesse and emotion.  

Bernadette Beacham, Cincinnati Christian Schools

The ensemble maintained a fairly high level of energy throughout the show; though some ensemble members seemed to get distracted easily. However, every cast member was very engaged during the song "We Beseech Thee". Each of them was exploding with energy. Numbers that really stood out included “Day By Day,” performed by Meg Tobin, “Turn Back O Man,” performed by Cassidy Steele and “Beautiful City,” performed by Cian Steele. The entire cast did a wonderful job portraying how much they enjoyed the show with these songs.

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