From a corporate voice to her singing voice, R&B vocalist Dawn Woods 'captures' a new career

Her song hit 27 on the Billboard dance mix charts

CINCINNATI—Dawn Woods was a single mom with three school-age children when she lost her longtime marketing position with one of the Tri-State's major hospital groups. Rather than lean on her professional network, Woods found a musical network.

Woods, who lives in Fairfield Township, has been singing, dancing and writing song lyrics since her teens in Annandale, Md.

After her layoff, she dove into music with an abandon. She formed her own marketing company to keep income flowing, found some record producers and recorded her first batch of songs two years ago. Through social media, she connected with a management company in Houston.

One of her original songs, “Capture,” recently peaked at No. 27 on the Billboard dance mix charts, and Woods is working with local musicians and a small dance crew to put together a live show for summer touring.

For now, you can catch her on occasional weekends at Cincinnati's Horseshoe Casino.

In this video, we catch Woods rehearsing with her band and hear how leaving the 9-to-5 fed her soul.

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