Drawing center is a Manifest destiny for visiting and local artists

Gallery, classes, press, residency under one roof

CINCINNATI - Like a handful of other cultural nuggets in Cincinnati, Manifest Creative Research Gallery and Drawing Center is known more to artists outside the area than to locals.

While homegrown artists populate the center's drawing classes, at Manifest's home in East Walnut Hills, the galleries, residencies and published works largely feature artists from elsewhere.

University art professors and students were the spine of Manifest when it formed a decade ago. While academia is still close to Manifest's nonprofit mission, its programs — a gallery, publications press, residencies and studio drawing classes — are open to anyone with a serious devotion to two and three-dimensional pursuits.

In this video, from the opening reception of three concurrent exhibitions, we meet the founding director and two current visiting artists here on year-long residencies.

Manifest Gallery is at 2727 Woodburn Avenue, and the drawing center is at 4905 Whetsel Avenue, both in Cincinnati. For detailed information about programs, visit Manifest's web site or call 513-861-3638.

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