Close To Home: Cincinnati band making a name almost everywhere but home

Propelled by commercial during Winter Olympics

NEWPORT, KY.—Name a Cincinnati band with more than 40,000 Twitter followers and 88,000 Facebook fans, and even the most avid scenester would be stumped to select Close to Home .

Truth is, Close to Home is anything but.

The straight-edged melodic hardcore band has roots in the Tri-State and rehearses here, but largely tours nationally.

The band has produced three full albums, and its sing-along anthem “Days of Our Lives” was featured in an NBC commercial during the Winter Olympics. Yet, Close to Home has never been invited to perform locally at either Bunbury or MidPoint music festivals.

Close to Home just performed Feb. 28 at the Thompson House in Newport, Ky., to launch a month-long, 27-date tour. We went to the show and talked with the band about the positive message it tries to communicate and the downside of its rising national profile. Watch their story in the video player above.

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