Cincy native and longtime New Yorker Theresa Rebeck invites her hometown into her artistic process

Staged reading part of 'Cincy in NYC' week

NEW YORK —Theresa Rebeck wanted one more opportunity to examine her newish play, a comedy titled “Fool,” to listen for lulls in the humor and take notes on places in the script that could use some tightening.

Table readings of new plays happen all the time in New York without fanfare or audiences. For the sake of “Cincy in NYC” week, Rebeck, a Cincinnati native who has lived in Manhattan for nearly 30 years, opened this piece of her artistic process to the public.

Insiders can read how it went.

Editor's Note: WCPO arts and entertainment reporter Matt Peiken is in New York City and will be tweeting as he follows arts and business leaders working to market the Queen City to the Big Apple. You can follow his tweets here.

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