Cincy is Creative: Former P&G designer Jimi Jones is an artist with a lot on his mind

CINCINNATI - Cincinnati and the greater Tri-State region are home to people who excel in artistic and other creative disciplines. Each week, we’ll focus on a creative individual who is bringing new perspectives to our lives and enriching our cultural diversity.

This week, meet Jimi Jones. Since retiring from a 27-year career as an art director in charge of display design at Procter and Gamble, Jones is relishing the opportunity to pursue his art full time. He proudly welcomes visitors into the spacious studio he has created in the West End warehouse that is also home to the Carl Solway Gallery.

Stepping into the three-room studio is like entering the head of an artist with a lot on his mind. And that’s no accident; Jones gave a lot of thought into how the studio was laid out. He’s a big believer in power of storytelling, whether the story is spoken aloud or expressed visually through a painting or room design.

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