Cincy is Creative: Bruce Neville came back to art after a lifetime away, thanks to his wife

CINCINNATI - Cincinnati and the greater Tri-State region are home to people who excel in artistic and other creative disciplines. Each week, we focus on a creative individual who is bringing new perspectives to our lives and enriching our cultural diversity.

  Watercolor painting is more difficult than painting with oils and acrylics, says Neville, because you must know from the start how you plan to create the painting: “It’s all about layering transparent pigments.” Once you start painting, you can’t go back and change things.

Each of Bruce Neville’s watercolors originates with a drawing, in which he sketches out the shapes while pondering the lights, darks, and color values.

“Drawing is like a blueprint in the whole design and layering process,” Neville said. “If you don’t get all the values correct, you won’t have a good painting. The drawings get me into my painting. If I’m not excited about the drawing, I won’t do the painting.”

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