Brazee Street Studios rekindles Oakley's creative tradition

CINCINNATI—People once referred to a stretch of Madison Road in Oakley as the "design district." Brazee Street Studios has rekindled some of that creative past through a for-profit gallery, store, glass-blowing classes and a string of studios for two dozen artists.

In this video, we meet one of the gallery's directors and some of the artists renting studios at Brazee. The center is at 426 Brazee St., just off Madison Road and near Oakley Square.

The gallery, called One One, is exhibiting work through Aug. 23 from a range of local women in a show called "Female Artists for a Cause." Proceeds from sales benefit the YWCA. An associated fundraising dinner featuring some of Cincinnati's finest female chefs is Aug. 24 at the Sleepy Bee Cafe .

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