'Bodies in Urban Space' makes for a colorful Father's Day in Cincinnati

Public performance leads audience on walking tour

CINCINNATI—Most tours of the city stop at historic buildings, intersections and other storied locales. "Bodies in Urban Space" led audiences on Father's Day along a tour of Cincinnati's overlooked urban core.

The concept of Austrian choreographer Willi Dorner, "Bodies in Urban Space" uses "faceless" bodies to call attention to otherwise little-noticed urban spaces. In Cincinnati, Dorner's choreographic assistant, Esther Steinkogler, worked with about a dozen local dancers and the Contemporary Arts Center to pinpoint and highlight a couple dozen sites for human sculpture.

Those sculptures took form on Sunday, June 15, with two free public performance tours. Tour guides led audiences of hundreds through about a mile of streets, alcoves and alleys from Washington Park to the arts center. All the while, dancers raced in duos, quartets and the half-dozen from one locale to the next, erecting themselves into previously rehearsed sculptures before audiences arrived.

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