Celebrate National Lager Day with these local beers

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CINCINNATI -- Among the many celebrations going on this holiday season, one is sure to make beer fans happy – National Lager Day.

This year the holiday is celebrated on Tuesday, Dec. 10 and the brewers at the Boston Beer Co. have sent out some facts for you to share while downing your suds.

While ales have been brewed for more than 7,000 years, lagers didn’t appear until about the 16th century in Bavaria.

America’s first lager was brewed about 1840 when lager yeast was brought to the states from Europe.

The brewers at Sam Adams said lager yeast ferments and takes longer to condition compared to ale yeast. However, that longer conditioning time can allow more flavors and aromas to be released for you to enjoy.

While lagers are mostly know for the pilsner style, (i.e., the pale, yellow smooth-tasting kind,) there are a number of different lager styles. Those include Oktoberfest beers, Baltic porter, Vienna lager, bock, double bock and rauchbier, and more.

According to Sam Adams, 63 percent of people aged 21 and over didn’t know the difference between a lager and ale.

To learn the difference, there’s no better way than through experience so here are some local lagers for you to try.

Christian Moerlein : Vienna lager, Helles lager, Barbarossa double dark lager, Emancipator doppelbock

Rivertown Brewery : Helles lager, Dunkel, Roebling Porter, Blueberry lager

Listermann Brewing : Friar Bacon smoked bock, Pre-Prohibition lager

Great Crescent : Aurora lager, Dark lager

Sam Adams : Boston lager, Winter lager, (Their gold-medal winning beer at the Great American Beer Festival was brewed in Cincinnati)

If I happened to miss a Tri-State brewery and their lager, please contact me!

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