BeerMumbo: Cellar Dweller to host monthly guest brewers

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MORROW, Ohio -- If you like craft beer, you have probably given thought to brewing your own beer a time or two.  You may even brew your own now.

Some of us (like myself) have a slight addiction to brewing beer at home and enjoy sharing our creations with family/friends.

All of our local head brewers were in fact homebrewers themselves at one time with a love for craft beer.

Steve Shaw at Cellar Dweller Brewing happens to be a head brewer who has never forgotten his roots as a small-scale backyard brewer.

The amazing beers he brews are evidence that he has never forgotten the creative spirit of homebrewing.

Cellar Dweller will start showcasing a guest brewer’s concoction each month in the tap room.  Not only is this unselfish, it is a great idea! There is a strong population of home based brewers in the Greater Cincinnati area.

BBL , CMI and other homebrew clubs play an integral role in the growth of the local craft beer market. Some wonderful beers come from the backyards of those who support our local breweries and homebrew supply stores.

We also have our local breweries and homebrew supply stores to thank for the surge of backyard brews!

On Nov. 2, I brewed my Mumbo Brewing Shutdown Cocoa Brown Ale which will be featured in the Valley Vineyards /Cellar Dweller taproom.

This was a 3.5 barrel (110 gallon) batch.  “Shutdown” is a flavor filled brown ale with a hearty portion of cocoa nibs.  Two Row, Crystal 60, British Brown, Special Roast, and Chocolate Malt kick a malt forward beer with a bittered cocoa back end.

Why are cocoa nibs so amazing?  They not only have great flavor, cocoa nibs have an often forgotten history .

The official tapping of Shutdown Cocoa Brown is Thursday 11/21/2013 at 6 p.m. in the Cellar Dweller taproom. Limited distribution will also be available.

Cellar Dweller is located at the legendary Valley Vineyards in Morrow. This is only about 30-35 minutes outside of Cincinnati.

Not only will you have the opportunity to try a Mumbo beer, you will be able to drink the Cellar Dweller taproom dry. If you have not had a flight of Steve’s beer, you are really missing out! Copperhead, Orange VV, Shawsome, Dead Dweller are only a few of the great beers available in the taproom.  On your way out, grab a bottle of wine and some mead.

Beer Mumbo’s Shutdown Double Cocoa Brown Ale will be released on Thursday, Nov. 21 at Cellar Dweller. The event will also feature the band Soul Pushers and more. More information can be found at:

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