Artist profile: NKU professor Barbara Houghton frames her Catholic upbringing with irreverence

Her memories merge through text and photography

COVINGTON, Ky. - Barbara Houghton, a longtime professor of art and photography at Northern Kentucky University , urges her students to produce work from the depths of personal experience and conviction.

Houghton also practices what she preaches. Her recent body of work—a mix of text and conceptual photography—exposes the rhetoric and imagery of her upbringing in a strict Catholic home. Though these subjects have been part of her work for a few decades, she has deepened that exploration since her mother's death two years ago.

"Power & Protection" is on exhibition through Dec. 1 in the Hutson Gallery of The Carnegie , in Covington, Ky. We interviewed Houghton and toured her work at the exhibition's opening reception.

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