Lights, camera, action! Filmmakers given 48 hours to write, produce, edit a short film

48 Hour Film Project returns to city for 12th year

CINCINNATI -- Imagine assembling a production team to make a movie. You're given a film genre, prop, character and a line of dialogue to incorporate in your project. Now you have to finish it all in 48 hours.

That's exactly what hundreds of filmmakers in the Tri-State will do this weekend as part of the 48 Hour Film Project. The short film competition allows participants 48 hours to write, produce and edit a final product.

Even for seasoned professionals, the time time crunch for finishing a movie in two days can be stressful.

"If it’s one minute late, it’s disqualified from the competition," said filmmaker Natalie Henry of Norwood.

Henry, owner of ProudCherokee Productions and founder of Women Filmmakers Across America, has experienced this frustration first-hand. While she's made more than eight films during her career, her films were disqualified for each time she participated in the 48 Hour Film Project for turning in work late.

"It’s a wild ride. It really is. When I talk to filmmakers who have never done it before they’re really excited, which is great, but I stress to them this is something they have to prepare for you can’t just jump in and do it," said Henry, who is now serving as a co-producer of the Cincinnati chapter's event.

Insiders can read why filmmakers jump at the chance to limit the time frame to just two days.

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