Dancing With the Stars: Is Kirstie headed off 'Dancing With the Stars'?

LOS ANGELES - It's an unusual week for DWTS, and I think I kinda like it. Because of the Presidential debate, there are two nights of competition. You heard me, two nights of competition! Each night has four individual dances and one team dance. What's even better? NO elimination this week.

Kelly Monaco is shooting to the top of my most loved list. She is kicking it! This week she danced a Samba to her guilty pleasure "Want you Back". I had no idea she could be so sassy. Loved it. I'm starting to think that my loyalties are clouding my judgment, though. She only scored a 24.5

I must really hate Gilles. He's the hot French guy and I just find him irritating and insincere and choosing "I will Always Love You" as his guilty pleasure didn't help. I can't even get past my disdain to see his dancing. I thought the Rhumba was alright, but I want to say I've seen hotter. Carrie Ann literally dropped out of her seat. I had no such reaction. Gilles was a half point away from a perfect score, 29.5.

It seemed to me that Kirstie wasn't feeling it tonight. She wasn't connected to the dance. The judges saw it differently, saying it was her best. In the package before she went on, she said she thinks that she's a better entertainer than some of the stars that are left, but her dance wasn't packing much of an entertaining punch, if you ask me. Her guilty pleasure was "Mrs. Robinson."

Shocking.  I don't think she's long for the DWTS world. She scored a whole point higher than Kelly with a 25.5.

Emmitt rocked a Samba to guilty pleasure "Copacobana" (a personal fave). It was a blast!

Emmit was dude on fire dressed in red top to bottom. Carrie Ann nailed it when she said he has the "Samba Swagger". Too much fun. He tied with Gilles for the top spot with a 29.5. I wasn't expecting the judges to be so generous.

After Team "Call Me Maybes performance, I have to agree with Bruno who said it was almost impossible to distinguish the stars from the pros. The 4 stars, Sabrina, Shawn, Apolo and Melissa rocked it. They had a freestyle team dance and left it all out on the floor. The transitions were seamless and the performance was perfection... well, almost. Judges gave them a 29.5.

Second half to follow... 

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