Gladys Knight could get the boot on Motown week at Dancing with the Stars

"Dancing with the Stars" got it right having Gladys Knight kick off Motown Week. She performed a Rhumba to "My Girl" as The Temptations performed it live.
It was surreal. She was a little forgetful of the moves, but she was, once again, mesmerizing out there.  I thoroughly enjoy watching her. She's going to have to get the boot sooner or later, but I hope they just keep letting her dance week after week. I can't get enough. Her Rhumba wasn't very good technically, but it was quite a sight. Way to go, Gladys. She got a 21. 
Len called Maria's Fox Trot "a joy to my eyes". That about sums it up. She had a flub about halfway through, which was visibly disappointing to her, but aside from the that, it was really gorgeous. She's was shocked with her score of 26. She'll be back next week. 
Roshon's Rhumba did nothing for me. He has a lot of talent and is usually a good dancer, but there was something overboard about his performance. He did not bring the sexy. Roshon scored only a 23. 
Katherine Jenkins brings it every week. She has yet to have a performance that I did not love. And really, the odds were stacked against her when it was determined that she'd have to dance a Samba to the Motown hit "Can't Get Next to You", but man, did she nail it. Finals, finals, finals! She scored a 29.
Donald danced a Fox Trot and he kept pace with everyone else... another joy to watch. The choreography was fun and cute and Donald's form impressed the judges. He got a 27.  
Melissa danced a Viennese Waltz. I think she has improved, but there's still something about her dancing that is unpolished. She got a 24 and I'm not so sure she'll be back next week. And by the way, Maks needs to give up the "everybody is out to get me" attitude. It's not appealing and starting to make me turn on him. And I love me some Maks.
Jaleel's Cha Cha Cha made me smile. The dance was full of personality and you could tell that Jaleel was lost in it... in a good way. It was blatantly obvious that he sincerely enjoyed himself. I'm way impressed with his performance a week after being in the bottom 2. Jaleel rocked it with a 29. 
I might be the only person in America who will say that William Levy did NOT bring it to his Rhumba. I am not blinded by his beauty and that is precisely why I can make such a comment. There is definitely something lacking in the chemistry department between him and his partner, Cheryl. Len is the only judge who got it right with an 8. William ended up with a 27. Boo, William! You can do better!
All of the contestants finished up the night with a "Motown Marathon" which was a blast to watch. I much prefer the team dances, but whenever all of the contestants are on the floor, it's a good time. The winner, Katherine, got the most bonus points, and Gladys, the first to get the boot, got the least. Gladys also got the lowest score of the individual dances. I feel like it has to be Gladys's night to go, but it's Motown Week for crying out loud! I'm going with Roshon and Melissa in the bottom 2 and Roshon going home. 
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