Wisconsin invades Ohio as Green Bay takes on the Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium

Zachary McAuliffe

Once again, fall is upon us and even though the leaves aren’t yet changing and the temperature is still high at times, football is back. Which could be good or bad news if you’re a Bengals fan.

Good news because football. Bad news because Bungles. Many sports analysts have predicted the Bengals will go far this season, some even saying they will win the AFC North (which would be awesome).

However, analysts may have forgotten to bring into account the infamous ability of the Bengals to deteriorate in the second half.

Hopefully, the team we all love can pull a win out against the Green Bay Packers Sunday, because no one likes a cheese-head.

1 p.m. Tickets are scarce and prices vary (online: $44-$260; scalpers: unknown). Paul Brown Stadium, 6 Paul Brown Stadium, Downtown, 513-455-4999, bengals.com.

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