Pauly Shore at the Funny Bone

By P.F. Wilson for CityBeat

In 2012, not too many folks greet Pauly Shore with a "what's up bu-ddy?" There are a few, though. "Mostly drunken frat guys. They all yell ‘Bio-Dome!' And I think, ‘I need to go back and watch that.' " While he's proud of his past and the cult standing of films like "Bio-Dome," the original "dude comic" is always moving forward. His latest project, Pauly Shore's Pauly-Tics, comes out on DVD on Election Day.

"It's a cool special, I'm proud of it." Mixing stand-up and interview footage, Shore talks to several politicians and pundits in Washington, which he then muses about onstage. "To me politicians are entertainers," he says. "I'm always fascinated by people who are funny that don't know they're funny." None of his subjects is the butt of any joke though — quite the opposite. "My focus with the interviews was to make these people come across as human beings." Shore brings the stand-up part of Pauly-Tics to Funny Bone on the Levee this weekend. "If people have seen me before, it's a different show," he notes. "I don't come across like ‘screw this person,' or ‘screw this,' I keep it light. It's like spring break meets Bill Maher." $22-$25. 18 and up. Through Saturday, Oct. 20. Funny Bone on the Levee. 859-957-2000,

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