Marina Franklin returns to Cincinnati for headlining comedy tour

PF Wilson

“I was in Cincinnati years ago,” comedian Marina Franklin says. “I opened for Tony Woods at Go Bananas. That was my first real comedy room outside of New York, so for me this is a big deal coming back as a headliner.”

The Chicago native wound up in New York after getting her master’s in theater from Syracuse University.

“I started doing comedy my first year there, because the theater thing wasn’t working out,” she says, laughing. “My roommate kept telling me, ‘You have these great stories and you just did 10 minutes; you did a routine.’”

Others agreed, and soon Franklin was telling her funny stories in clubs all over New York City and beyond.

Thursday-Sunday. $8-$14. Go Bananas, 8410 Market Place Lane, Montgomery, 513-984-9288, .

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