Best places to get chili in the Tri-State

CINCINNATI - Yep, we went there.

October is National Chili Month, and with the weather cooling down, chances are a hot plate of Cincinnati's favorite food will likely be in front of you sometime soon.

So whether it's a coney, 3-way or bowl at Skyline, Gold Star or one of the Queen City's many other chili spots, here's a list of the 15 best places to get some Cincinnati-style chili and more, as reviewed by you on :

1. Skyline Chili

2. Terry's Turf Club

3. Empress Chili

4. Camp Washington Chili

5. Gold Star Chili

6. Dixie Chili

7. Pleasant Ridge Chili

8. Blue Ash Chili

9. Paula's

10. Gourmet Chili

11. Delhi Chili

12. Price Hill Chili

13. Zip's

14. Silver Ladle

15. Chili Time

Dessert bonus: Streetpops (Chocolate chili-flavored pops)


So where's your favorite place to get chili? Leave a comment in the section below or vote in our poll to the right!

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