Art: Charley Harper exhibition and sale

By Brian Dill for CityBeat

It might not be the most recent publication, but surely some of us have set our eyes upon a copy of "The Golden Book of Biology". Whether you have or not, know this — it was the brainchild of Cincinnati-based American Modernist artist Charley Harper.

Harper played a huge role in promoting wildlife conservation and designed more than 50 unique "bio" posters for local and national groups. Shape and color have a major role in Harper's work and the man knew how to keep it simple. Harper said, "I don't try to put everything in, I try to leave everything out."

A number of vintage signed and numbered prints will be available, as his work will carry on his memory. The exhibition and sale is free to the public and will run through April 21. Mary Ran Gallery. 3668 Erie Ave., Hyde Park.

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