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Cincinnati Brew Ha-Ha features several local craft brewers

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CINCINNATI -- Nationally touring comedians won’t be the only thing on display at Cincinnati’s Brew Ha-Ha this weekend as more than 20,000 people are expected to come to Sawyer Point.

Several local craft brewers showing off their tasty brews at the beer and comedy festival.

Organizers said more than 100 types of beer will be available during the event. Almost 50 of those will be new to the festival and beer lovers can sample everything from lagers to pilsners and stouts.

One of the featured new beers is Wiedemann’s Royal -- a Dortmunder Amber Lager. Wiedemann’s owners said they just released the beer about a week ago, making it one of the newest beers on the market and at Brew Ha-Ha.

Entry to the event is free but a $5 beer wristband is required if you want to sample the brews. Each $1 beer ticket will get you a beer sample and five tickets will get you a full beer.

The event runs from 5 p.m. to midnight Friday and from 4 p.m. to midnight Saturday at Sawyer Point at 705 E. Pete Rose Way.

Proceeds from the event benefits The Cure Starts Now charity. The organization helps in the fight against childhood cancer.

The full list of the local craft beer options from Brew Ha-Ha’s organizers includes:

Booth 2 – Rivertown Brewing Company
An American Pale Ale named after the famous B-24 liberator bomber. This beer has a wonderful malt backbone from the use of dark English crystal malt and spicy fresh rye malt.

Brewed with real pumpkin, molasses and nutmeg.

Our Helles lager is a true symbol of our German heritage. A rich, crisp, full flavored Bavarian style lager brewed with the finest imported German barley, noble hops, and natural water. Best served at 38ºF in a tall pilsner glass. 

Roebling Porter
Like a big, chocolate, espresso infused brownie, Roebling Porter packs a lot a flavor from the use of vanilla, and delicious coffee from a small Midwest roasting company (within a day’s drive from the brewery!).

Booth 10 – MadTree Brewing Company
MadTree Pleasant Wheat
A crisp and refreshing summer ale that pleasantly blends grapefruit, citrus, and lemon zest flavors with the slight sweetness of malted wheat.

MadTree PsycHOPathy IPA
The subtle malt backbone combats the bitterness and intensity of floral, grassy, and citrus hop flavors. However, taste is perception. What’s your slant?

Booth 15 - Mt. Carmel Brewing Company
Nut Brown Ale
Mahogany in color, this popular beer enters with hints of maple followed by a roasted hazelnut body and balances with a clean malty finish.

Blonde Ale
Golden in color, this hand crafted beer enters with a subtle hop aroma followed by a smooth, refreshing body and finishes with a clean crisp taste.

Amber Ale
A deep amber in color, this beer enters with an aroma of fresh hops coupled with a smooth flavorful body and is balanced by a complex hop finish.

Harvest Ale
Pay homage to the harvest with this smooth, full bodied, well balanced ESB delivering a memorable dry hop finish.

Booth 16 - Christian Moerlein Brewing Company
Fifth & Vine Oktoberfest
When pigs fly, Oktoberfest Marzen will flow from the fountains. Until then, we offer this world-class brew which celebrates the Oktoberfest season with hopes that the dream continues forever. A lightly toasted character with a touch of sweetness and deep copper color.

Northern Liberties IPA
You've made a discovery - a well-hopped IPA inspired by the revolutionaries of Cincinnati's Northern Liberties.  This is a hoppy, well balanced, copper IPA in pursuit of Life, Liberty and Hoppiness.

A unique presentation of an early settlers’ ale from Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine. In an era of limited refrigeration, the brewer was generous with the hops for stability; a full malt flavor would then balance the flavor. Today, three malts and an infusion of Cascade and Fuggle hops make Moerlein O.T.R. a crisp, quaffable ale.

Exposition Vienna Style Lager
A Vienna Style Lager recognizing the national events of the late nineteenth century that helped make Christian Moerlein Brewing Company a household name far and abroad with awards won at every Exposition. This pale copper lager has a rich malt flavor with a toasty character balanced by noble hops for a dry, clean finish. Moerlein Exposition is a toast to the past with a beer to be crowned wherever exhibited.

Booth 17 - Wiedemann
Wiedemann Special Lager
A crisp and flavorful lager in the Bohemian tradition. It’s relatively low alcohol compared to heavier craft beers and is brewed with several kinds of barley malt, including specialty pilsner and Munich malts that are used in many craft beers. Aromatic sterling hops provide a zesty punch. 

Wiedemann Royal Amber
Light and refreshing Wiedemann’s Royal is a Dortmunder-style lager. It’s brewed with classic German malts that give it a golden amber color. Hand-crafted and perfectly balanced with American hops. Smooth with a crisp clean finish.

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