Anthony Anderson stunned by his own weightloss

Actor ANTHONY ANDERSON is still struggling to come to terms with his new look after losing over 50 pounds (22.6 kilograms).

The Transformers star, who suffers from Type 2 diabetes, decided to shed weight after tipping the scales at 270 pounds (122.4 kilograms) - and only recently has he realized just how overweight he was.

During a recent appearance on America's The Arsenio Hall Show, he explained, "I've lost 52 pounds... That's two toddlers... At my heaviest, I was 270 pounds and I'm only 5' 10'' and I never thought that I was fat; I always looked at the mirror and was like, 'You're husky...'

"I was always doing things that I didn't believe fat people were allowed to do - I could do the splits, I could stand on one hand, I could dunk a basketball, I could run three miles at a time without having a heart attack.

"I never saw myself as fat until I started to lose the weight, and when I lost my first 30 pounds, I just happened to see myself on a mirror as I was looking at the reflection of my new self and I was like, 'I was a fat motherf**ker...' I had no neck and my eyes looked like they were always closed."

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