Anne Sophie Mutter: The Queen of the Violin Performs in the Queen CIty

Opens the 2013-14 CSO season

CINCINNATI, Ohio – An international violin virtuosa, Anne-Sophie Mutter makes her Cincinnati debut with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra at Music Hall Saturday at 8 p.m.  She will perform Dvorak's Violin Concerto.

In her WCPO interview, Mutter shared her impressions of Cincinnati and historic Music Hall, and reflects on her rehearsal with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.

"That first rehearsal that we had was very invigorating, because many new details had to be musically discussed; not verbally. We had many musical surprises...and I like being musically surprised," she said.

She also discussed significant moments of her stellar career including her first audition for conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic, Herbert von Karajan. She also talked about her long collaboration with the Berlin orchestra.

Mutter glowed while speaking about her teacher, Aida Stucki, and discussed the meaning of music in life and the importance of giving back to the society.

After the Friday rehearsal, Mutter met with a group of local students to discuss her musical experiences. She continues to promote new music and continues to support development of young musicians worldwide through a variety of charitable organizations.

"I find incredible luxury that in theater or any art, which is performed, particularly live at that venue, one buys a ticket and see people tear their hearts out in love and dedication to what they create," she said.

Mutter said she hopes the people in Cincinnati know they have a treasure in their backyard and allow the CSO to "infect them" with passion.

"It's a great gift to the society to be able to have such a wonderful hall and orchestra is playing for the audience. I hope these will be gilded hours," she said. "I hope the audience gets infected by the passion of the orchestra, every single member of them."

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