Brandi Smith

Brandi joined WCPO in April of 2011 as the writer, producer and director of the special documentary project, "Ten Years Later: A Changed City?" With over 15 years of collective experience in media, communications, television & film production and marketing, Brandi loves storytelling. In her work, she's dedicated to elevating the national and global conversations around ideas that advocate social justice and restore humanity.

Prior to joining WCPO, Brandi directed bigg's marketing, advertising and communications strategies where she was responsible for overseeing the integrity of the bigg's brand. Before moving to Cincinnati, Ohio, Brandi lived and worked in Los Angeles, CA as a writer, producer and director of three short films. In addition to the work Brandi developed personally, she also assisted Director Jonathan Lynn on the Paramount Pictures feature film, The Fighting Temptations.

Earlier in her career, Brandi's television & film production experience and passion led her to Johannesburg where she served as Head of Development for Morula Pictures, a leading production company in South Africa.

Brandi graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism from Howard University. Brandi is active in the community, volunteering to help raise funds to benefit children through education, health and nutrition projects.

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