Become a WCPO Insider today

Yes, you read the headline correctly. Today is the day we’re setting out to create a whole new experience for greater Cincinnati by launching a digital subscription, WCPO Insider.

In order to rise to the opportunity, WCPO has added more than 30 journalists and community team members to its digital reporting team, covering local crime and justice, politics, business, education and the arts. You can explore the website and discover original, local stories from online reporters who share your interests.

When you land on, there will be no secret as to what stories are exclusively for WCPO Insiders and what stories are not. Insiders will have full access to read everything marked with a “9 icon” next to the headline as well as the opportunity to make contributions or comments below.

As a WCPO Insider, you’ll experience more in-depth stories than ever before. So go ahead and take a look around the website. We’re excited to have you as a part of the WCPO family. Lets consider this our first date.

Want to know more information about becoming a WCPO Insider? Look at the frequently asked questions HERE.

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